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About Us


The Mission of Roger’s Run 4 AMC is to increase awareness of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) through the promotion and encouragement of distance running and walking.  Toward this end RogersRun4AMC promotes an annual 5K run, 5K walk, and 1 mile run.


The Vision of Roger’s Run 4 AMC is to promote a climate of understanding with regard to AMC and decrease the level of hardship faced by families impacted by AMC.



Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC)


Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) is a condition that occurs one in every 3,000 births.  Although those numbers seem common, very few people are aware of the condition.  The condition involves curved or hooked joints, limited range of motion and multiple joint contractures throughout the body at birth. Roger is a thirteen year old boy who was born with arthrogryposis in January 2010, his parents relied heavily on the information and support found at  Visit the site to learn more about the condition and come out and support the cause on June 19, 2021.  Any proceeds above the cost of the event will be donated to AMCSupport.


Click below to see Arthrogryposis Information Fact Sheet


AMC Awareness

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